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North Shore Regiment Hockey Team 1942

front: Alving Fitzgerald, Bun Wilmot, and Bobby Currie.

sconond row: Bill Dickie, Hec LeBlanc, Willie Jardine, Col. Calkin, Commanding Officer, George Harris, C. Harris and Ron Cook.

third row:  Clint Cammon, coach, Vince Doucet, George Morris, Hec O’Neil, Walter Savoy, Mac Barry, Paddy Harper, Ray Young, Charlie Mundle and Father Raymond Hickey, manager

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7 Responses to “North Shore Regiment Hockey Team 1942”

  1. walter savoy jr says:

    hello–my father was on this team and i have this photo–i was just wondering if there were more pictures out there or old video of this hockey team , thank you walter savoy jr

    • David says:

      Thanks for your comment Walter. I’m sorry to say, I think this is the only pic we have of this team and I’m not aware of any video. Sorry.

    • Al Jones says:

      I just came across this picture of the NSR 1942 hockey team. My wife’s uncle was Sgt Raymond Young who was wounded on D-day and died on 28 June in England. Ray Young is listed in the picture. Are you able to provide any information regarding Ray and if he was from Chatham, NB. I think it could well be my wife’s uncle and that would be terrific if we had confirmation that was his picture. Please reply directly to my email address with the caption Ray Young.

      Thx. Al

    • David says:

      Hello Walter, we received the following email in response to your comment on our Sports Photo site. This man apparently has info for you about your father, it is as follows:


      I am French, i found something which belong to the Soldier Walter SAVOY, North Shore Regiment. We can see him on this picture :

      His Son as wrote a comment on this picture, could you give me his email ? or could you give him my email ?, I have some information for him about his father.

      Thanks you for your help.


      Sébastien DELAFOLIE

      • walter savoy jr says:

        thanks dave-my fathers army bag was found from the landing on juno-a woman had it and was about to burn them until and canadian army collector bought it from her-the guy that emailed me had it but traded it for some other item-he does not know where it is now–

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