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1979 Nelson Softball Presentation

Nelson Jr Softball Team showing Hardware from Jr. Men’s Nationals in BC – Phil Connolly(all star 3rd Base), Mayor Vince McKenzie, Tim McCarthy(Coach), Stan Drillen(all star Center Field & Top Hitter)

1970’s Softball – Rehab Wing...

1977 Softball Chatham Head Tigerettes

1975 Nelson Softball0003

1975 Nelson Softball Association Peter McLean(L) presents Bill Redmond, Male Player of the Year

1972 Nelson Softball

1972- NELSON SOFTBALL ASSOCIATION L-R: Bert King, Bill Redmond

1976 Nelson Softball0004

1974 Nelson Softball Squirts

1974 Nelson Softball Association- Squirts L-R: Earl English; Claude Arseneault; Dale McKenzie; Wayne Hachey

1975 Nelson Softball0004

1975 Nelson Softball Association L-R: Terry Keating; Jimmy Shanahan

1973 Glenelgers Softball Team

1976 Nelson Softball0005

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